Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boo-Monkey's 1st Slumber Party!!!!

I was ecstatic when Mandii called and asked me to babysit Ava "overnight" while she went to Seattle. Would I ever say no?

She quickly settled in, loved her bath, slept right next to me and was a perfect Boo-Monkey.

She has my heart!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Poopie Bridge and Our Place~A Best Kept Secret

I loved Mom's Day this year. Kristi called and asked if I wanted to walk one of our bridges. A couple of years ago I had purchased two prints of Portland's Bridges for Kristi and myself ~ with the thought of walking each one together and exploring the neighborhoods on each side of the bridge.

Last year we had kissed atop the Fremont Bridge when they did their once a year bridge closure to traffic.

When she came over to pick me up, we wrote down all the names of the bridges so that we could randomly pick one out.

Oh No-o-o!!! We drew the Burnside Bridge, aka the Poopie Bridge.

We both know what is on either side of that bridge and we both know what is sometimes "on" that bridge. Keeping true to what we had drawn, we decided first to walk west on the Hawthorne Bridge.

Share a bridge kiss~

Walk along the esplanade through the market.....

.....and then back across the Burnside Bridge to the eastside.

As we near the end of the Burnside Bridge we both are thinking the same thing. We are very close to what has become "our" place to go eat, drink and talk. I don't really remember when we first went there or when we decided that it was "our" place and that we would tell no one else about it. But it is and we quickly settle in and order some favorites to be shared between the two of us.

A day of laughs and talks, and shared eats in our secret fort. Isn't that what Mom's Day is really all about?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You've Got A Friend

I don't think I know of anyone that has never listened to or owned the Tapestry album by Carole King.

Each song on that album has its' own special meaning and time. She was the first concert I took Kristi to. And this time I got to see it with one of my other "Fab 6".

This time she performed with James Taylor. Her performance was heart-warming and spectacular, and brought back a flood of memories.

My Miata is so old that it has a cassette player in it. And there is no better feeling than flipping the top down, slipping in "that" cassette and feeling The Earth Move Under My Feet as I drive down the highway!!!!

Block Crazy

My 1st "Round The Block" block swap finished up a couple of weeks ago. I love everything about the block swap....I loved getting them in the mail every couple of weeks and opening the box to see what others had created and then getting my time away from homework to play with them.

Lynda asked me to finish up her last two sides, which of course I said YES to!

I received mine back awaiting me to art up their last sides. And then I found the perfect home for them!

Along with Stabilo Pencils, this is definitely going on my 8 Things I Loved in 2010 list. So much so, that Lynda and I have started two more rounds!!!!