Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bend-able Trace-able Paint-able Me!

Last year when Dayna Collins and Destree Rudolph put on a collaborative art show, they also included self portraits of themselves (only not for sale). I immediately fell in love with them, but also fell in love with their project named Dark Heart (which was for sale). Home it (Dark Heart) went along with those self portrait images in my mind.

I was thinking that I needed a new art project to do, so I emailed Destree before our monthly Orange Dream Monkey art journaling group meet-up and asked if she would sketch me on a big canvas. So last week at ODM night after journaling a little and making a couple of origami books, it was off to another room in Dayna's studio for some serious tracing and sketching....

I love how she traced and sketched me (she's so talented at everything she does!). When I got up to see it, it reminded me of getting my first pair of boot cut jeans and my black boots...dang! I'm super excited to get started on this project, I have the eye(s) already planned. But first I need to finish that 10 Secrets in Paris book from last September (I type with a light hearted ugh!). I love my Paris book but for some reason homework always seems to take precedence. I think this self portrait is just what I need to get that book completed!

Cords & Tassels & Rings ~ Oh My!

Today while on campus I walked by the booths set up for students who will be graduating this June ~ Cap & Gowns, Honor Cords & Tassels, Announcements and....and, then I saw them....Class Rings. My heart went pitter-pat full time giddy. I remember in High School coming really close to getting one my Junior year from a boyfriend from a different school (but I think I "might" have done something mean and that put the kibosh on that!). When it came time for my graduation, someone thought I needed a set of Corelle dishes instead.

Walking to my Psychology class I started to think about all of the past terms and classes I have taken in pursuit of my Gerontology Degree. From day one I had it in my mind to always wear my "lucky t-shirt" on test and finals days. I chose to wear the t-shirt I got in Kardamyli, Greece (different spellings, so I always go with David's way of spelling it).

Not sure why I chose that t-shirt, except for the fact that I was so very lucky to have been able to spend time there with such wonderfully fun and gorgeous people.

Last week sitting in class, I got a lengthy text message from Kristi which read (of course I saved it!):

It's messages and words like that that make me feel good about those long stressful eraser nights. I feel great about choosing to go after this degree ~ it was a good decision!

Seeing those booths today got me so excited for my graduation next year. Announcements, Cap & Gown, Honor Cords and Tassels, and maybe, just maybe..... that long-awaited for tiny silver ring!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Lamp Post and Coffee with a new Art Inspiration

A couple of months ago I joined a group of international collagers called The Collage Collaborative. Created by Nikki Soppelsa, it is a wonderful group of people who love paper and glue and the art of collaging. Each person was to start their own personal collage and then it would be sent on, until finished, with five peoples artistic touch added. I felt excited, but very intimated.

I started mine very simple, leaving LOTS of room for others to add to. I did not like what I first sent out, but on its way it went. I would like the adds I did to others, but my initial start just bugged me.

I would be sending/forwarding my finished pieces to Michael, a wonderfully gifted and talented artist. Once again I felt very intimated even having to send him anything I had worked on (he's that good!). Sometime in-between the art forwards I got an email from him. He used the word "lamp post" and asked if I liked shops. He had a CD of coffee songs that he had put together if I was interested. I replied with a big Yes!!! Weeks later and several collages sent on I received a wonderful package in the mail.

My coffee CD and other artful Michael goodies!!!!

His "roommate" would become a cheerleader of my collage work. The two of them (much like Dayna Collins) would inspire me to try, to keep on, to do with their words. They could have been art snobs, but instead chose to empower. Such a lucky person I am!

My 1st collage returned home.....the additions made it perfect! (Michael added the fish eating the etc.)

There would be the start of a second round.....and this time....I absolutely LOVE what I started with.

I don't feel as intimidated as I did in the beginning. I love the Coffee CD (let me know if you would like a copy of it ~ it's fantastically great!). And once again I am reminded just how powerful a few words can be.

Thank you Coffee Messiah!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me ~ Que Sera Sera!

Two birthday weekends of fun-ness! This last weekend was spent with family. The Mabe's called me up and said she and the Golden Gals wanted to take me to BINGO on Saturday could I refuse!

They had flowers and cards and even a little black pouch filled with the coveted needed BINGO quarters!

A quick trip home and then it was off to dinner with my favorite boyfriend and favorite child at Toro Bravo (my choice) for several tapas. It has quickly become a favorite of mine and now Mr. Picky Bryan loves it too!

While there we decided to plan a monthly dining outing to a new place that we have never been to before. We will take turns finding the place....and NO whining! I quickly starting singing in my Doris Day voice (well, I think it is) Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be...... and our new monthly outing is so named "SERA"! Stan will take the lead for May.

My next birthday adventure had been kept a secret/surprise from me. Kristi knows I love new adventures and trying new things. She had purchased tickets a couple of weeks before for......

SMASHPUTT! Miniature Golf in a warehouse on West Burnside!!

Holes included Scratch 'n Sniff, Foos Ball and Infinity....

....and we three get our very much competitive clubs and balls and begin hitting the holes (sometimes literally)!

A great day and a great night. I don't know what the scores ended up being, but I do know that I won in the best family and friends category!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Seem To Be a Sudden Outburst of Feeling

A couple weeks ago I asked my favorite art teacher Dayna Collins if she would facilitate an afternoon of art with friends for my birthday. She was free last Saturday (she's a very busy lady!) so the invites went out.

Two of the couples invited had medical emergencies (they actually did) and couldn't make it. The rest of us headed down I-5 and were greeted by Dayna's wonderful smile.

On the road I soon discovered that if I was to ever to take an extended road trip - Blake is the one who I'd want to take it with...he's continually hilarious, his glass is definitely more than half full!!

Before we start our Collage Up a Storm art project, Dayna has a warm up exercise for all of us to do. Muse Cubes that have written words of sound and movement. Each of us rolled the dice and the dancing and laughing and bending and yelling began!

We were now ready for the project to begin. Each of us were given a canvas. Dayna has a vessel containing words of what she wanted us to do. Ink, Paint, Pastels, Sand Paper, Picture, by one she pulled one out and we only had a short time to do as she told us to.

Two hours later, we are done Collaging Up a Storm! Along with the invites, I had asked each person to bring a chopped up vegetable for Stone Soup (it was cooking while we collaged). I asked Dayna to read the Stone Soup story to us all....

....and then it was time to eat. Dayna had also picked up this wonderful bread and the most yummy cake ever!!

After eating it was time for show and tell........

Blake's turn

Kristi's turn

Dawn's turn

Stan's turn (he thought he should be voted best ~ I kinda agree since he did incorporate BABA on his!)

And Mine

A most perfect afternoon spent laughing and arting and eating with people I love.

And then to continue "pre" birthday festivities.....dancing at Clyde's with the girls and one old high school boyfriend (who somehow thinks he's one of the girls)!

I love my masterpiece! (I changed just a couple of tiny areas when I got home)

A nail in the wall, and it has been hung! Stan wants to hang his too, the wall has yet to be determined.

It's going to be tough to top my pre-birthday. But I just got a call from The Golden Girls for Saturday afternoon.........