Saturday, January 2, 2010

2KX and *8 Things...I Fell in Love With in 2009

A brand new has that new car leather smell! I always embrace what a new year will bring, and I am always thankful for what the previous year gave me.

Before posting this, I looked over at Dayna's Alley Art Studio Blog. One of her entries is *8 Things...I Fell in Love With in 2009 that she had found on Rachelle Mee-Chapman's blog who wrote:

*8 Things is a little game I made up for myself in an attempt to quieten down my monkey mind. I tend to be a little bit bipolar when it comes to creativity. Either I have a million ideas and passions, or none at all. In the times when ideas are flowing, I rely on lists. *8 Things is a way for me to keep collections of ideas, thought, quotes and quandaries on-hand for later exploration. . . .Want to play along? Grab a button and join me for *8 Things Thursdays. Because..well…why the hell not?

I copy and paste and am ready to complete my list of:

*8 Things... I Fell in Love With in 2009

1. Laughing in Kardamyli
2. My journey with The Artist's Way taught by Dayna Collins
3. Itty Bitty Pretties Masterpiece #196
4. Road trip to Fargo
5. Wearing a HOT pink leopard dress
6. Obtaining ownership of the Schaffer Homestead in Leola, South Dakota
7. Finding an arrow head on Sauvies Island
8. Having 3 guys from my Math class calling me the night before the final asking for my help.

And 8.5 would be Starting my Blog.

2009 was a better than I ever expected year, full of blessings and new adventures. I ended the year with great food, great wine, great music (Cool Breeze!) and great friends.

I am excited for 2010 - for the year and for the decade. They will both be the best ever...I know this! I have new adventures planned and new adventures not even thought of yet. I am giddy with anticipation about the *8 Things I'll Fall in Love With in 2010!