Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Glass is Always Half Full with Dayna!

Earlier this year I took a class taught by Dayna Collins called Collage Up A Storm. She even named her blog post after my creation of When To Let Go.

During this class she pulls techniques out of a hat such as ink, paint, words, sand, just do as she says!

I loved this class so much that I signed up to do it again. This time I asked Gabe (a wonderful guy Kristi met in college) if he would like to join me. He enthusiastically said yes, not quite knowing what he was signing up for. He loved the process and the class!

And my second creation!

After that class, Kristi and I signed up for her
Visual Journaling Technique class. Kristi loved the class and quickly understood why I love taking Dayna's classes.

Some of Kristi's techniques....

...and mine.

This one (the black part) was made with the bottom imprint of my shoe....

The end of this class signaled the end of this years' classes being taught by Dayna. But the glass is half full because I know she will be back offering many new classes.

And along with me, she'll have two more eager and faithful fans!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Double Nickles and a Trophy

My birthday! I have never understood how some people do not like their birth day. I love mine. I love presents, I love cards, I love cupcakes! I even love Dixie-Cup ice cream!

This year was another great one thanks to my wonderful friends and family!

I received a ton of chocolate in every shape and form!

Another friend took me to lunch and had "theme" presents.


"Spiritually" (for my quest of the meaning of the word).....

And "Physically".....

Stan and Kristi took me to Portofino's (it was wonderful!) for dinner. Kristi wanted her present to be the last I received (saving the best for last no doubt!). During one of our random life kitchen counter conversations, I had told her a while back that I had never received a trophy. I was in Blue Birds, was Four Square Champion and Most Courteous Student in the 4th grade. Still...nothing worthy of a trophy.

Until...... April 9, 2010 when I became a trophy recipient!!!!

"The #1 Mashed Potatoes Maker"!!!!

My heart skipped a beat when I unwrapped that present. I love when someone remembers some tiny little trivial thing that is huge in someones life. Life gets no better! I've made room for it so everyone can see it when they come over. Something even tells me that it just might make a great theme for a summer backyard cocktail party!!!!

Round the Block ~ Rounds Two & Three

Round two of the block swap, I received Jill's in the mail. Sides had already been arted up by herself.....

.....and then by Dawn.

I arted up my three sides and then they were off in the mail to Lynda for her artsy touch.

The next day after sending those off, I received the blocks belonging to Gina for round three. She had arted up her bottoms and a set a sides.

Next to art hers up was Jill (there are now two Jill's that are doing the art ups together) .....

..... followed by Dawn.

And this is how I arted up my sides before sending them on their way.

Next to come my way will be Lynda's. Not only am I excited to do hers; but she also said I could art up her last "two" sides ~ WoooHooo!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The World is Blessed with Miss Ava Miranda!

What is it about the birth of a baby; that precious new life becoming a part of your life. All busyness and worryness become trivial as you hold that new baby.

Miss Ava Miranda Randolph blessed my life on April 3, 2010. AND, I got to babysit her by myself this week (only for 20 minutes, but it was the best 20 minutes of my week!). AND if it couldn't get any better, she was wearing Pink and Green that day!AND, I get to babysit her this summer before she heads on down to Oregon State University (something tells me I'll be getting to know Corvallis in the near future).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheeky Monkey and Where The Boys Are

I had taken on way too much Winter Term. So when the opportunity came along to visit sunny Florida during spring break with an old friend I immediately started to pack. My thoughts recalled the movie Where The Boys Are (I secretly had a crush on Jim Hutton and not George Hamilton, but my favorite part will always be the question mark in the sand).

Right before leaving I got an envelope in the mail (yes, my love of mail continues). It's from Cheeky Monkey!!!

aka Miss Lynda! And she wants to go on the trip with me. We had tried this before. The first time was to Greece, but I didn't get it in time before flying off. The second time it was to South Dakota. She got as far as the Minneapolis Airport, where she was sadly left behind. This time she is definitely making the trip!

A stop along the way in Kansas City, "MISSOURI", (no wonder Dorothy wasn't there) .....

.... and I was quickly poolside with the warm breezes blowing and the best chipotle sandwiches ever (which I ate everyday..with dunky sauce!).

A day spent at Disney World and discovering another dream home.....

..... and having a bite of a found grapefruit (that I probably shouldn't have tasted!)

A wonderful week of sunny sky and warm air, great food and chilled wine, an old friend and a brought along friend, Adventure Land and It's A Small World ~ the perfect remedy to rid all stresses and to feel re-energized! Let the Spring Term begin!!!!

Around the Block ~ Round One

I sent off my blocks to Lynda. The first round we were to art up our own bottoms (she types with a smile). Here is how I arted up mine .....

I received in the mail Dawn's blocks. She actually arted up her bottoms...

.... and one set of her sides.

And this is how I arted up Dawn's three sides.

I am in love with this art swap and am planning another one (thanks to Sonny who made me a ton of assorted blocks to play with).