Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2KXII and *8 Things...I Fell in Love With in 2011

School coming to an end and as I am cleaning up and deleting items from my computer, I find the folder of things I fell in love with in 2011. Even though I am five months late, I decide that I still want to post mine.

I wrote about the 8 things I fell in love with last year. I had read an entry on Dayna's Alley Art Studio Blog. She had discovered this little game on Rachelle Mee-Chapman's blog which went:

*8 Things is a little game I made up for myself in an attempt to quieten down my monkey mind. I tend to be a little bit bipolar when it comes to creativity. Either I have a million ideas and passions, or none at all. In the times when ideas are flowing, I rely on lists. *8 Things is a way for me to keep collections of ideas, thought, quotes and quandaries on-hand for later exploration. . . .Want to play along? Grab a button and join me for *8 Things I Love..... Because..well…why the hell not?
I copy and paste and am ready to complete my list of:

*8 Things...I Fell In Love With In 2011

1. Ava's trusting little fingers in my hand as we go for a walk
2. Invited to Menucha and going from student to friend status
3. Taking the train back from Seattle
4. Meeting the creator of Malinky
5. Que Sera Night
6. Corinne's Art Group
7. Tawny's Tea Party
8. Receiving my Grandfather's tool box

My #1 Love for 2011 is Ava's little fingers in my hand as we walked up and out of the cul-de-sac

#2 Being invited to Menucha to spend the weekend with Dayna and her Portland Art Collective group ~ and going from "student" to "friend" status

#3 Taking the train to Seattle to see the Sketchbook Project and knowing the feeling of bliss on the way back home with the warm sun beating in through the window, a glass of wine and the BEST Mac 'n Cheese ever

#4 Meeting Stanley Kiesel ~ the creator of (and my Vision Board 2012 word) Malinky

#5 Que Sera Night ~ One night each month we take turns finding a new restaurant. Only two rules - the restaurant has to be one that none of us have been to and no complaining

#6 Corinne Marie's Art Group ~ A remarkable master artist who welcomes and embraces all who want to create

#7 Tawny's Tea Parties with costumes and white elephants

#8 Receiving my Grandfather Schaffer's tool box

I love reflecting back upon the previous year and remembering those precious giddy nuggets of time spent. I know I am blessed with the life I have and I look forward to what 2012 has in store for me; those unknown adventures to places and meeting new people.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Art House Co-op ~ 4 x 6 Exchange

A couple of months ago the Art House Co-op offered a 4 x 6 exchange. You would create a piece of light weight art measuring 4x6, send it in and receive one back.

These were the two I sent in......

And these are the two wonderful ones I received back!

The first one I received was "Lion Hearted" by Crystal Adcock who sent the quote "An Artist cannot fail; it is a Success to be one." - Charles Horton Cooley

The second one I received was from Becky Smurr from Olympia, Washington! I soon found out that she was also participating in the Sketchbook Project and I was able to check out her wonderful artful book in Portland this past weekend as it toured through my great city!

Such a very fun art exchange....I still say surprise snail mail is right up there with Caller ID!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wacky Nut Layers of Chimera

Last week I received an email from the gorgeous Stella Ley asking me if I would like to come up to Bainbridge Island (where she lives) and take an art class with she and others being taught by the famous Anne Grgich. I was over the top with excitement! Stella offered that we could spend the night in the Guest House at the Wacky Nut Farm, an Equestrian Center that she oversees and where the class would be held at.

A promise of a Mariner game tendered me a handsome chauffeur! I'm still sad that Edgar my love is no longer there; I have made Jesus Montero his temporary substitute.

After the game WIN, we were off to take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.

We met up with Stella and Len at the Wacky Nut Farm and then we were off to a couple of island stops before having dinner at their breathtaking view home.

Back to Wacky Nut Farm, the grounds and guest room was nothing short of spectacular!

And just as life could not get any better, I wake up and go downstairs to a Layers of Chimera class being taught by Anne along with four other fabulous women. Layers of images and a ton of glue, we were messy and sticky and loving every moment.

A wonderful two days spent with five very beautiful and talented women (and one very cute chauffeur). Thank you Anne for sharing your talents with us and for sharing your secrets (food sheets were acquired on the trip back home!).

And thank you Stella for inviting me to be a part of the beginning of your new creative adventure.