Saturday, January 2, 2010

2KX and *8 Things...I Fell in Love With in 2009

A brand new has that new car leather smell! I always embrace what a new year will bring, and I am always thankful for what the previous year gave me.

Before posting this, I looked over at Dayna's Alley Art Studio Blog. One of her entries is *8 Things...I Fell in Love With in 2009 that she had found on Rachelle Mee-Chapman's blog who wrote:

*8 Things is a little game I made up for myself in an attempt to quieten down my monkey mind. I tend to be a little bit bipolar when it comes to creativity. Either I have a million ideas and passions, or none at all. In the times when ideas are flowing, I rely on lists. *8 Things is a way for me to keep collections of ideas, thought, quotes and quandaries on-hand for later exploration. . . .Want to play along? Grab a button and join me for *8 Things Thursdays. Because..well…why the hell not?

I copy and paste and am ready to complete my list of:

*8 Things... I Fell in Love With in 2009

1. Laughing in Kardamyli
2. My journey with The Artist's Way taught by Dayna Collins
3. Itty Bitty Pretties Masterpiece #196
4. Road trip to Fargo
5. Wearing a HOT pink leopard dress
6. Obtaining ownership of the Schaffer Homestead in Leola, South Dakota
7. Finding an arrow head on Sauvies Island
8. Having 3 guys from my Math class calling me the night before the final asking for my help.

And 8.5 would be Starting my Blog.

2009 was a better than I ever expected year, full of blessings and new adventures. I ended the year with great food, great wine, great music (Cool Breeze!) and great friends.

I am excited for 2010 - for the year and for the decade. They will both be the best ever...I know this! I have new adventures planned and new adventures not even thought of yet. I am giddy with anticipation about the *8 Things I'll Fall in Love With in 2010!


  1. Great post, Bobbie! I loved reading your 8 Things for 2009 . . . and I can't wait to hear all about your 8 Things for 2010!

  2. It has been three+ long, cold weeks, without you in Blog Land. Why must you make us wait?
    If your 8.5 thing you fell in love with was your blog.. did you fall out of love with it in 2010? My heart wonders if you're falling out of love with me too.....

    Robert Kincaid