Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Postcards From A Better Time

A couple months after I had retired, I was having breakfast with my gal Yina at Bertie Lou's Cafe in Sellwood. While sitting there waiting for our breakfast, I noticed a wicker basket leaning up against the window. I pulled it over and looked inside, finding it chock-full of postcards.

I loved perusing and reading each and every one. Years and years of places and places; each one sending greetings and brief delightful thoughts, some generic and some personal. It was a treat (better than breakfast) to read them all. It was a glimpse into someone's life~a better time.

When my friends and family go off to far away lands or on a fun adventure, I always try to ask them to send me a postcard. And when I receive it, my heart is giddy, because for one small brief moment....I am there with them.

Guests around my coffee table and I thank you for sharing your travels with us!