Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Postcards From A Better Time

A couple months after I had retired, I was having breakfast with my gal Yina at Bertie Lou's Cafe in Sellwood. While sitting there waiting for our breakfast, I noticed a wicker basket leaning up against the window. I pulled it over and looked inside, finding it chock-full of postcards.

I loved perusing and reading each and every one. Years and years of places and places; each one sending greetings and brief delightful thoughts, some generic and some personal. It was a treat (better than breakfast) to read them all. It was a glimpse into someone's life~a better time.

When my friends and family go off to far away lands or on a fun adventure, I always try to ask them to send me a postcard. And when I receive it, my heart is giddy, because for one small brief moment....I am there with them.

Guests around my coffee table and I thank you for sharing your travels with us!


  1. yeah, looking at travel postcards is good because you'd feel like you've gone to those places as well (even though you're just sitting at the couch or staying at a coffee shop). Beautiful moments captured can also be transformed into these stunning cards like a simple photo or a friend's work of art.

  2. I LOVE BERTIE LOUS!!!!! i was jsut there last friday for breakfast!!

  3. What a fun way to be part of someone's travels -- and you end up with a momento! Post cards are such a thing of the past with Facebook, blogs, e-mail, etc. Happy to know that you still enjoy receiving a piece of actual mail!

  4. yo mami i wanna see sum mo blog postz