Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ava's July Art Day

Today I was blessed with getting to spend the day with Miss Ava Miranda.

After block building and block throwing and lunch of pasghetti and strawberry yogurt, we got down to some serious art creating.....

We then took a couple of walks through the neighborhood and settled down to a much needed nap.

It was a glorious and best day in a long time ever!!!!

I love you Miss Ava Miranda Randolph!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Drunk Cage Clay Creation

After I took Annette Lansing's Beginning Clay Handbuilding class at the Multnomah Art Center I was kind of hooked. I love getting my hands dirty and I love the way she teaches the class (and I also love the fact that Paul is there as her assistant!). After "passing" the beginning class, I signed up to take her "intermediate" class.

Same teacher, same assistant but a new added feature....."CAT" my brain professor would also be taking it with me (I have also talked her into joining me in the International Collage Collaborative and The Sketchbook Project)! We had our places right next to each other and only got threatened once to be put at opposite ends of the classroom (okay, maybe more than once) for excessive talking and laughing.

Each week we would learn new techniques - from making chachki's to bowls to facial masks.

Kristi thinks my mask looks like a drunk Nicholas Cage from Leaving Las Vegas!

I never would have thought that I could have made a face - I love it (and Kristi wants to steal it) as well as my tiny three legged vessel!

I signed up yesterday for Annette's next clay class. A quick email to Paul and he will be there as well! Can't wait to see what we will be creating next and who I'll be getting dirty with.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the Mean Time ~ Sharing The Artist's Way and Jesse Reno

An evite came from Dayna last month to join she and Howard on their "yacht" (they call it a boat but it's an awfully HUGE boat!) on the 4th of July on the waterfront. I have been invited before but have always been out of town. I was very, very excited to be in town this year and be able to attend.

In the mean time, after I had received Dayna's invite, I got an email from Catherine who lives in the Washington DC area. She is an artist who participated in the Tiny Book Exchange that I participated in earlier. She is a lover of the Northwest, having previously lived here. We exchanged emails and agreed to swap books with each other if we did not receive them in the swap. Her book creations/submissions are spectacular and very unique (hers are one of my most favorite in the swap)and extremely coveted.

In the mean time, Catherine begins reading my blog and I tell her to be sure to check out Dayna's blog. She reads the one about Dayna taking a class given by Jesse Reno and tells me how much she admires his work (she as well is a fantastic pen and ink artist!). My brain begins to swirl because I know that Jesse Reno is going to be on Dayna's boat on the 4th....hmmmm.

In the mean time, I pack up a baggie filled with tiny black and white sheets that will fit into Catherine's book I am making her, black pens, white pens, acrylic and watercolor crayons (part of my brain swirl).

It's now the 4th and Stan and Kristi and I head down to the waterfront. The day is warm, the sun is out and we can hear the blues festival in the background.

In the mean time, I am on board and sitting with Destree. I tell her about "my baggie" and she shoots me one of her "You Go Girl" smiles (but advises me to lose the baggie!). I find Jesse and tell him my story about Catherine's love of his work and ask if he could possibly sketch/draw a couple of little pieces. He agrees to do it and my heart is skipping a beat. He comes and sits with us and not only draws one...but five, yes FIVE! I tell him how much I appreciate what he is doing and that a present with be forthcoming to him.

The rest of the afternoon is spent meeting people I have heard about. Kelly who just recently moved here from Wisconsin and has created the most funny, hilariously entertaining video blog ever!

Meeting and talking with the infamous "Gretchin" who once upon a time taught Dayna The Artist's Way so that she could teach so many of us.

Dayna would drive to Portland each week just as I would drive to Salem. I know Dayna understands what all she means to me and how instrumental she has been with me trying new adventures (maybe it's that drive we both made!).

In the meantime, Yoga Dawn shows up in time to watch the fireworks with us and Gretchin has glow necklaces and bracelets for all.

This has truly been one of my most favorite 4th of July's ~ seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I sent Catherine her five sketches yesterday (I already know she will be giddy with delight when she opens her package).

Thank you Dayna for the invite and for making the drive to Portland many years ago to take that class from Gretchin. My life is most definitely "not the same" since meeting you! And in the meantime..........

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LK Art and LA Hot Guy(s)!!!!

I saw it in Dayna's Studio. It was a piece she had created in a Lisa Kaus class. I googled her and found her other works of art and schedule of classes. Wanting to take one of her classes, I would always be off on the timing until.....

.....I see one scheduled for the end of June down in LA....YES! I immediately sign up for both days - two separate days of exciting classes. A couple of weeks before the trip I email Russ Stacey "Mr NBC" to see if he can get me quick Jay Leno tickets - a day later they are sent to me (how much do I love that!). The trip is set...two days of art and another one added to see Russ (and Jay!).

Day one is spent unpacking in our very retro room filled with huge chihuahua pictures (I loved waking up looking at him each morning~NOT!)....

....and then heading down the pathways to the glorious Manhattan Beach! The air and the sand and the sun felt fantastic (I have really been missing that sun thing!)!!!!

And nasturtiums (love you Andy) along the paths.

The next day was spent with Russ. Russ Stacy has got to be one of the nicest and most musically talented guys in the world! It started with a personal tour of NBC....

Touching the exact same spot Bob Hope touched 30 years ago....

And getting to be the news anchor woman and hang out with Fritz - the HOT LA Weather Man!!

Off to attend the Leno show, followed by margarita's with Russ and then a trip to Universal CityWalk for a water tube massage and chocolate Ice Cubes!

Day one of the art class was called "Gridlock", working with graphite, drills, dremels and wax. This was my created masterpiece! Tired from the all day class, a group of us decided to meet for happy hour. There I show Gary (the "real" hot guy of LA) my creation.

Day two was called "Color My World" (learning new painting techniques) yielded this masterpiece!

After two days I am artfully exhausted. I do not know how Dayna does a five day class. I am back showing Gary my second piece asking which one he thinks is "the best" and he chooses the cake one (and then I remember one of the Sketchbook artists' up in Seattle saying that art needs to be given away). With that, Gary is now the proud owner of the cake picture!

I kid him later on that evening when I got back from seeing a show and dinner about still having it and he showed me the picture he had posted of it on his Facebook with "rave" reviews! Hot and such a heart warmer!

A wonderful first trip of 2011. Sunshine, an old friend, new art, new friends and meeting and learning from a teacher who (I found out after talking with her at the end of the last class) lives just 10 blocks away from me in Portland.

Thank you Russ for being such a gracious host and thank you Gary for being such a gracious receiver of my cake!