Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pre-Graduation Celebration

Every year the collages' individual departments hold a pre-graduation celebration party. Last Wednesday, the Gerontology Department held theirs.

I had previously attended last years celebration to root on Paul Perry. I can't remember the exact moment we became friends but I do know that I felt honored to be there last year for him. I remember thinking that he would have this abundance of time now on his hands being done with school. So with that in mind I pondered whether to get him a hamster or a plant to take up some of his spare time....I chose wisely...I got him the plant!

Jan Abushakrah, the head of the Gerontology department was there to hand out the certificates to those that would be graduating. The lady is a champion for all and has an overabundance of patience.

You could feel the proudness of each person, receiving their certificate and knowing that they were just a couple of weeks away from graduating; many off to different universities, job paths or a new adventure.

She asked each of us what was something that stood out for us - what was the one thing that we were coming away with. Mine I told the crowd was meeting the Doodle-ers! Four other students, that I met along the way, that have become my friends and a part of my life. Paul Perry, Annette Lansing, Teresa Tardy and Patti Witherite...they are the best!

I loved receiving my certificate and I am giddy with excitement about receiving my degree in a couple of weeks.

Even more wonderful was that Stan and Paul and Annette were there to cheer me on.

Oh and did I happen to mention the beautiful bracelet from Paul? Yes....a tad bit nicer than a hamster or plant!!

Thank you so much my wondermous cheerleaders!!


  1. Wish that the traffic between Rock Creek and Sylvania had been better that day - I arrived just as the catered goodies were being packed up and only a handful of celebrants were left. Hooray for you my friend Bobbie!! Enjoy the walk :)

  2. Admiration, inspiration, just a two of the words I can think of.

  3. Such a great accomplishment. You deserve to celebrate.