Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BNF - You Already Know

I haven't written for awhile. Part of starting this blog was for me to come out of my writing discomfort zone and put down words. Some things come and some things go and some things go full circle. The couple of times I would post a snippet this year - there SHE was, cheering me on to write and post more. I am her BAF and she is my BNF and the rest of the world knows her as Lynda Stenlund - The Queen of the Island.

I love this girl for so many reasons......

I love that she will show up to parties that seemed like a good idea a year previous

 I love that she sends me the most random cool stuff via snail mail

I love that she goes to Mexico and makes me cool bracelets and painted turtles in my favorite colors

I love that she tries all of my crazy art ideas

I love that she takes the time to spend time with me and shares the best stories ever that make me laugh and giggle each time I think of them

I love that she loves her Mom

I love that she wrote me a love letter (that I read whenever I need to feel more loved)

But the one thing I think I love most about my BNF, is the secret we share in the words written to her father by one of his coaches. If you are one of the lucky ones to experience what the coach wrote, you have indeed lived the best life.

Thank you Lynda for being my cheerleader and for making my life better. There's no need for me to write the coach's words in this blog post for you because "You Already Know".

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  1. Oh wow made me tear up a little,,,in a wonderful way!!

    "You Already Know"