Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ending the Summer in Fargo

School was about to begin when I got a call from one of my most favorite friends. Would I like to take a road trip to....North Dakota? NORTH DAKOTA? Although my heart will always belong to "South" Dakota, I was excited to make the trek north. I flew to Chicago (a half way meeting point). And off we were on a "wild" road trip to Fargo! Before the trip I did my usual google search of "Fun Things To Do" in Fargo. It came back with a visit to their zoo to see a Red Panda and a Rhubarb Winery only open during the week from 2-4. Mmmmm?

Our first night was spent in Madison, Wisconsin and we get an early start back on the road. We reach Fargo. Mmmmm? The Red Panda isn't really sounding all that appealing and we are hungry. We decide on Hooters for Fried Green Pickles ... Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined!

We do discover some of the great art the town has to offer ~ the most brightest and colorful buffalo I have ever seen!


We had seen Fargo! Back on the road we stop in Sauk Centre, Minnesota for a quick burger and of course a picture of me for my Dairy Queen photo album (whenever I come across a small town with a Dairy Queen, I always try to stop in and get my picture taken there).

Miles further, we spend the night in Rockford, Illinois. Another early morning and we are back on the road to Chicago. My flight home is in the early evening. The one place I really wanted to visit (again) is The Field Museum in Chicago which owns Sue, the original and real T-Rex, the one found just miles away from my dinosaur dig last year in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. When I was in Chicago the last time, it was a quick trip in to see the body of Sue on the first floor. I didn't realize until after I had left that the real head was actually mounted upstairs on the second floor. We pay her another visit. This time I climbed the stairs to the second floor. I get close, I am awestruck by its majestic beauty and size. Oh how I love that dinosaur!

Touring the rest of the exhibit, I spot and chuckle to myself....a Moose!! I love it ~ You Betcha!!

The road trip was wonderful and I'm so glad that I was invited along. I got to finally see Sue's head. But more wonderful was the time spent laughing and debating issues with one of my very best friends. It was the perfect way to end the summer!


  1. Fargo really?? That is one of my all time favorite movies. Sounds like a fun trip with this mystery person without a name..hmmmmmmmm?


  2. Great little trip via your blog post. Thanks - and by the way, you look FABULOUS! What a fun friend you are.