Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you don't have a smile....I'll give you one of mine!

I blogged last November about the start of my first round robin. Five of my artsy friends were each sent an eight inch paper mache "body-quin".

We were to add a splash or dash of art to it and send it on its way.

Every couple of weeks I would send one off and receive a new one to add my splash to. Of course, this all fit in perfectly with my love to receive mail.

Each one ended up so amazingly whimsical . . .

. . . with a definite personality all their own!

And when I got my body-quin back, enclosed was a little wooden card that my favorite art sista Lynda had started for me, as mine was being arted up.

And she will! If she's your friend, you know it. She's always the first to raise her hand to try a new art adventure with me.

Her dad has just finished making my about to be arted up pieces for my next round robin. I got the idea from Dayna Collins ~ I'm giddy with excitement for it to begin.

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  1. These are hilarious! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun -- you certainly have very whimsical friends.