Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will Worthy

Last month I attended an art showing. It featured four women's art. One of those artists was "my" art teacher Dayna Collins. She is the woman that led a group of us weekly through The Artist's Way. I can't begin to say how my life has changed since I first walked through her door on S.E. Commercial.

Only a couple of her pieces were still available, but as Jill and I walked over to one, we both agreed that it was the one we loved the most. AND ... it was still available!

So....I estactically bought my first piece of art by Dayna Collins! It's title Jump.

Jill wants me to will it to her when I die. I tell her that it will be her wedding present when she gets married. She writes a week later to tell me she's engaged. I change my thought and now I think I need to will it to her.

My closest friends will immediately see it's likeness to my "Bob".

I already have the perfect place for J U M P to go....I LOVE my newly acquired piece of art by Dayna Collins! It's going to and staying in a VERY good home.

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  1. Aww shucks, Bobbie, thank you for the lovely post and for sharing my pieces of art through your blog. Very kind comments and I'm feeling all puffed up (no, it isn't that "time of the month").