Monday, August 23, 2010

You Say Tomato and I Say Cherry

At the beginning of the year I took a visual journaling class up at the college being taught by Jill Goodell. I loved listening to her life's journey as much as learning her journaling techniques.

While working on our journal pages I started asking about what other classes she teaches. Quite a few of the other students could not say enough about her "I Can Teach You To Draw In One Day" class. I told them I could do a fantastic job at circles and squares, but all else stops there. They assured me that she could teach me.

I signed up (after seeking her out at an art store demonstration to ask again about any type of needed artful capabilities).

So much to learn from the different pencils to "stumps", shadings and perspectives.

We learned one point and two point perspectives.

The last portion of the class we were all handed a different photo of something to draw. Taking what she had shown and taught we all eagerly began.

Mine was a picture of a small group of cherries.

I drew until I finally raised my hand to ask Jill for her input on what to do next. She came over, looked at it and said "I think you should sign it" and gave me a wink.

At home their first guess was that it was a group of tomatoes....TOMATOES?

I put the picture of it on facebook and my most favorite original art teacher Dayna Collins (whose glass is neither half full or half empty, but always overflowing) commented "Awww, Cherry Tomatoes"!

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