Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Full of JOY Vision Board for 2011

In December I was toying with the idea of creating a vision board. I had heard about them, but didn't really know how to do one. I had in mind the word I wanted to be mine for 2011. And then SERENDIPITY...Dayna sends me an invite to create a vision board in her studio along with some other ladies. She also sends a link to Christine Kane that tells how she goes about doing her vision board with some ideas of how to come up with your vision word. And the same word comes up again.


I find this saying which says exactly how I feel about it for the center of my board.

"Joy, to me, is those little moments.

You know the moments when you realize that you could
Just dance because of all the freedom you feel.

That moment when you don't worry about a thing, you just smile and feel wonderful.

Honestly, it comes in spurts for me, but when it does I know it's there and I never feel more blissful than in those moments.

It's joyful moments that make life worthwhile for me."

I want 2011 to be full of joy - if it doesn't bring me joy, then question why I am doing it (hence, no resentments). I will try to find the joy in all, knowing that sometimes you have to do things that will result in a joy filled ending.

I am also VERY determined to lose those pounds and to live more healthy. Hikes & Bikes, healthy cooking classes and added days at the gym. Also, traveling to new places and doing new kinds of art. A little decluttering and maybe, just maybe something new over at Buckman School.

And did I mention GREAT hair ?!!!!

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  1. I love when you post about your creative life on your blog! And yes, sychronicity or serendipity, whatever you call it, it was all meant to be. Thanks for joining me in my studio to create a Vision Board for 2011!