Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Boat Load of Caribbean Goodies

It's been a month since I went aboard the Freedom of the Seas to bask in the sun and do art with Tim Holtz. I have just now finished putting away the mammoth amount of art supplies given to each participant. Each class would yield more and more until I was at the point of being totally overwhelmed.

Upon arriving in Florida, there was a four hour wait to pick up our luggage due to lightening. It's always so laughable that when you are going somewhere fun, there's pretty much nothing that can bring a frown.

Once on board, we found where the classes were to be held, our room and met our dining mates (and women I would be sitting with in class) and of course, the infamous Tim Holtz!

Our Ports of Call included CocoCay, Bahamas

St. Thomas

And the best time ever on St. Maarten

Meeting wonderful fun people......

.....and the cutest newlywed couple ever ~ who now have my Angel and know its story.

And of course, no trip is complete without meeting my "Hot Guy" (and this one definitely was!)!!!!

A week after getting home I received in the mail a beautiful acrylic book made by Brenda, my art buddy that I sat by each day, the one who took me under her wing and showed me what to do.

Thank you Brenda for making my trip so much more enjoyable, for my beautiful book and for your friendship!


  1. I LOVE HOT GUY! ... and did you break the bench? ;-))

  2. Love your post here Bobbie! Looks like you had a marvelous time....we haven't been to some of the ports of call in awhile and it was nice to see the photos and "revisit"!! Glad you had such a terrific time and spent it with such wonderful people! xo

  3. I finally get to see pictures of your beautiful art cruise. I love the little yellow car Stan was driving, too. You looked radiant in these photos!