Saturday, November 26, 2011

Paint Nights With Master Po

A couple of months ago I emailed Destree and asked if she would be willing to meet with me once a month, to show me art techniques that she knows and that I admire, ..... and she said yes! So once a month, we meet..... for an evening of me being "Grasshopper" and she being "Master Po".

The first month was brushes and paints and eyes and eyelashes! (I'm not quite ready to share that one yet :)

This month was blending and contrasting and the wondermous STABILO! We decided to do our hands (still being a work in progress)!

She had also ask that I bring my canvas of ME that she had sketched back in April. Before I could leave our painting session she said that I needed to add a splash. A splash of anything...I just needed to begin. And so I did......

Thank you Master Po.....

..... you were right. I was ready, I just didn't know it!

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  1. You are an amazing artist, Bobbie. I've seen your work, especially in your beautiful visual journal!