Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wacky Nut Layers of Chimera

Last week I received an email from the gorgeous Stella Ley asking me if I would like to come up to Bainbridge Island (where she lives) and take an art class with she and others being taught by the famous Anne Grgich. I was over the top with excitement! Stella offered that we could spend the night in the Guest House at the Wacky Nut Farm, an Equestrian Center that she oversees and where the class would be held at.

A promise of a Mariner game tendered me a handsome chauffeur! I'm still sad that Edgar my love is no longer there; I have made Jesus Montero his temporary substitute.

After the game WIN, we were off to take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.

We met up with Stella and Len at the Wacky Nut Farm and then we were off to a couple of island stops before having dinner at their breathtaking view home.

Back to Wacky Nut Farm, the grounds and guest room was nothing short of spectacular!

And just as life could not get any better, I wake up and go downstairs to a Layers of Chimera class being taught by Anne along with four other fabulous women. Layers of images and a ton of glue, we were messy and sticky and loving every moment.

A wonderful two days spent with five very beautiful and talented women (and one very cute chauffeur). Thank you Anne for sharing your talents with us and for sharing your secrets (food sheets were acquired on the trip back home!).

And thank you Stella for inviting me to be a part of the beginning of your new creative adventure.


  1. Wow Wow Wow
    BAF You are my idol! I am so happy for you! Keep on truckin!

  2. Hi Bobbi, thanks for coming all the way to Bainbridge, Nice photos!

  3. Lets meet in Portland sometime, I loved teaching at the nuthouse... it is wacky-just like me!

  4. Bobbie! You poor thing! I, or we, are living vicariously through you and, from here you are awesome! Please, may I have some more?

  5. bobbie-your art is amazing. i love the picture of you on the ferry. wind blowing
    in the wind like a free spirit--wait a minute
    you are a free spirit