Friday, October 26, 2012

Skinny Malinky, Big Alice and Ida

This summer I had the pleasure of hosting an autograph party for the wonderful Stanley Kiesel, author of many books, my favorite being "The War Between the Pitiful Teachers and the Splendid Kids". I first met Stanley along with Scott Smith while I was interning at the Neighborhood House Senior Center. Very humbly he shared with me his writings over lunch. After lunch that day with them I went home and went on eBay to find his book. The next time I ran into him I asked him for his autograph. He said he would only autograph it after I had finished reading it and had given him my thoughts. The book soon became one of my favorites, each chapter I would become Skinny Malinky's cheerleader and admirer. After I finished it, I decided to send a couple of copies to friends with the idea of hosting an autograph party so that they could meet Stanley and get their books autographed.

Invites were made and sent. Along with meeting Stanley, I had also asked Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy to lead the group in some Laughter Yoga exercises.

Laughter Yoga was a huge success (which I knew it would be)

After the laughter yoga, we received the gift of Stanley doing a couple of readings from several of his books followed by one on one autographs.

I was a bit apprehensive about having this get-together. As the day proceeded it was reminding me of something all too familiar - Skinny Malinky and his friends Big Alice, Ida and the others. Friends being there exactly when needed. From Kristi preparing the appetizers

to Gina making sure everyone had what they needed.

From Annette aiding Stanley with all of his signings

to Lynda driving to Scappoose from Sauvies Island to pick up Kay.

A day spent with the best of friends ever

And a day spent with a wonderfully gifted author

I received this note from Stanley a couple of days later.
I know it brought him happiness to have people gather in his honor; my apprehensiveness was for naught. How right he is about that sensitive, intelligent and socially aware group of people - they are all my Big Alice's and Ida's!!


  1. Good souls, bright, intelligent, sensitive people everywhere in the world be on notice! Your leader lives in Portland Oregon and her name is Bobbie Bryan! She may not sleep throughout the night (posting @ 4:23 AM), but she is always there with a kind word and a warm generous heart. How I admirer her!!!

  2. I love Stanley's comment

    "I am growing fond of you"