Friday, October 12, 2012

The Color Run

Earlier this year during one of our "Vein of Gold" weekly meetups Dayna brought down her iPad to show us with glee her latest stumbled upon event called The Color Run. It's a 5k run and at each "k" post they throw paint on you - and she wanted to put a team together. Sign me up!! Our team was called Alley Art Outlaws and I invited a couple of my schoolmates to join in the fun. Last week before the run we met to get our teams' name stenciled on our backs.
Back home I excitedly put together our outfits. I had previously went to Sam's vintage clothing store and picked up two perfect white tutu's!
We all met at the Max, took the train to PIR to began our 5k run.
And with a burst of colorful mayhem, the race began!!
We finished the race and headed back to the Max tired and hungry, where we all agreed that the Widmer Brewery was sounding awfully good. It would be perfect for my "cheat" meal.
And once on the max Cat whispers to me, "Cheat meal? How about a Cheat Day?!!!!"
Oh how I love that lady! I love Dayna's adventurous ideas and I love wearing a tutu!!
And I love a run that comes with knee socks!!


  1. You and your group were so cute! Love your knee socks and tutu's. You and your friends have such fun, creative times together. Very cool!!

  2. Disney's Wonderful World of Color has nothing on you and your life!!!!