Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Greek God

The last few days in Greece was spent in Athens and I was able to check email. Clicking on the "Inbox", I wondered if anything could bring about a level of excitement like that of the past two weeks. Well....there is an email from Dayna asking if I want to be part of her Art Buddies Invitational project. And once again, that spark of excitement is felt inside. I immediately push the reply button and of course say YESSSS!!!!

I arrive home and there is my package from her.

Even her packing material makes me smile. Everything she touches just has PIZAZZ! Her rules are as follows:

"Once the invitation has been accepted, I will mail one of my wooden art buddies to them and ask that they do one of the following to the wooden poser: 1) art it up, 2) alter it beyond recognition, 3) take a photo/photos of the little guy going on a field trip, 4) think of something I haven’t thought of, or 5) a combination of all of the above!

Once everyone has received their Art Buddy and done something artistic with it, I’ll have everyone send me a photo, which I will then post on my blog – a sort of virtual Art Buddy reunion. And, the cool thing? My real life art buddies will have an Art Buddy to serve as inspiration for them!"

The Greek Gods are still ever present in my mind, so I think I will be turning my buddy into one.

I thank Dayna for easing my way back.

Now I just have to figure out how to get those sexy jeans and smile on my Greek "Buddy". I know he'll be able to inspire me!

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  1. I'm so glad I chose today to get caught up on your blog because VIOLA! Here is your Art Buddy and a write up about the invitational. I'm happy this was just the fun little event that perked you up and helped you ease back into your American life.