Monday, May 4, 2009

Simply Simplified

May 4th ~ the first day of the start of my retirement life (2 years ago). I knew the time frame I wanted to retire in. What was hard for me to do was to push that button with the "exact" date. It wasn't until Tom Novotney asked me what my favorite number was. Four I told him. "Then retire on the 3rd and start your new adventure on the 4th," he said. Some things can be so SIMPLE.

This month, everything seems to be leaning toward the word SIMPLIFY. The new T-Shirt Karen got me for my birthday just says "Simplify" along with a little tiny label I just noticed while ironing it for Greece that says DO WHAT YOU LIKE~LIKE WHAT YOU DO. Hmmm..... SIMPLE.

The new sign I got for my dining room last week stating just SIMPLIFY.

Business trips to Denver for two days use to warrant a huge suitcase. Why I thought I needed ALL of that mystifies me now. The suitcase packed for Greece is a third in size to that Denver one. I will be in Greece a little less than 3 weeks. Aww...SIMPLIFY.

And since taking the Artist's Way class, I have noticed that my life and home have been greatly simplified. It was needed and it feels wondermous.

I am excited to be taking that itty bitty teeny tiny suitcase to Greece. Just to know that I can do it. Fewer things are being packed~my baggage is lighter these days. Of course my knee socks and pink lipstick are still packed and being taken, I simply just don't need that kitchen sink with me any longer.


  1. You are greatly admired and a shining example to help guide the rest of us. Have a wondermous trip! How lucky you are to have discovered so much and be willing to share your growth.