Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Is there anyone out there that actually "likes" to look at someones vacation pictures? How many pictures of stones are we going to have to look at here? Well, happy to say my trip to Greece yields the same kind of pictures that Kristi and I took in Italy and Germany. No scenery, just pictures of us. My theory is, that 20 years from now I will toss aside the picture of the statue and look at the one that shows how cute I was 20 years earlier.

Upon meeting the group, David the guide asked us to tell about why we chose this tour. I said I had no idea where this tour was taking me. My new way of thinking is that if there are no expectations~then there are no disappointments. I planned to have 17 days of surprise adventures; and that I hope to meet a friend.

It all came true and then some!!

Kristi and I flew to Santorini before the tour began. It was gorgeous, very quiet and we rode the donkeys from the Traveling Pants movie.

Our tour guide for the next two weeks was David Willett from Australia. He has this infectious laugh and he was born in 1955~we decide we are kindred souls. The three of us quickly became great buddies. We couldn't decide if we were tagging along with him after dusk or if he was tagging along with us (I think he was tagging along with us since we are a blast to be around!) We got to see things others didn't, and our after tour nightly escapades soon became my most favorite part of the trip.

We had many towns to visit staying at 8 different ones. Highlights were: Seeing The Acropolis, the Parthenon, the agora in Athens. Many many museums, Gods and Goddess', statues. We go to Delphi and I am one to hike to the top (proud of myself but very out of breath). Then to Dimitsana and on to Olympia where I actually get to run at the same location as the first Olympic athletes. I learn that the men participated totally naked and that the women wore clothes but had one bare breast out. I pull Kristi aside and tell her to wait until the rest of the group are on their way out to take my picture. I then pretend that I am running in those first competitions. On to Kardamyli where we get to have the most fantastic room and view. It is there that David takes us on our nightly adventure to meet some of the locals, which turns out to be the best part of the entire trip. Alexandra (initially from Wales but married to a Greek) can speak both English and Greek and is one of the most inviting, funny, beautiful women there; but Giorgos (ahh) is 100% Greek and is now my "pen pal"! We spend two nights there and then on to Monemvasia where Kristi and I climb and climb and climb the "Gibraltar of Greece". (That hike actually did pain me). On to Sparta and Nafplio where David threatens to leave me at the convent. We then take a boat ride to Hydra for two wonderful nights and then finish the tour back in Athens. We did a ton more than written here, I'll "tell" you about it in person. I did eat Octopus, Red Rooster and Anchoives. I got splattered with a squirting cucumber and my toes touched the Mediterranean Sea. I made Mr. Grumpy Pants smile. I had wonderful new adventures and learnings. And the best part of all......I met a new friend!!!!

Santorini ~

Ready, Set, Go in Olympia ~

I'll have another heaping plateful of that octopus please...yummmmmm ~

Trying to catch me to commit me into the convent ~

Climbing The Greek Rock of Gibraltar in Monemvasia and David showing me the Pleasure Dome. It was marked "55" - either Serendipity or seeing too many stones! ~

Theater of Epidavros ~

Hydra sunsets, cool bars and doors ~

Ahhh...the Mediterranean Sea ~

Mr. Grumpy Pants ~

The Tour Group ~

The wonderful and beautiful people of Kardamyli....Alexandra (and her spring onion), John, Jill and Giorgos - They are all an inspiration ~

And just as I think life can't get any better, I turn the calendar page and see my next trip adventure. Leola, South Dakota ~ Life is Great!!!!

Efcharisto David!


  1. I LOVE your vacation pics LOL! I liked your previous post about taking your "friend" along and taking pics everywhere - cute idea. And yes an artist's date is in order.

  2. You guys are beautiful! Oh, and the scenery is nice, too.

  3. Hey Bobbie, I live in Kardamyli and found you by googling my own blog. I know both John, Alexandra and Giorgos very well. Hope you find your way back some day - don't forget to visit our Bead Shop when you do !
    My blog http://gourmetingreece.wordpress.com/