Monday, April 27, 2009

Greater than GREAT

Friday night and another evening at DIY Lounge for a "$5 Friday's - A Recession Busting Art Escape" class. This week the project was "Playing Card Mini Books".

I "hogged" the paper cutter and now I owe and want to give Lynda a night of hogging. Next class she gets first dibs on all of the "stuff" all night long!

Saturday morning I woke up and turned the computer on. There was an email from "DAYNA". I always know that an email from her yields nothing but uplifting greatness. Is there anything greater than great? YES there is!!!! An opening in her Fanciful Dream House class at 1PM at Stampin Cat Studio in Salem!!!!

I had previously vowed to myself that I would not sign up for another class or go on any type of outing until I had gathered my "pre-determined sized" suitcase and pack for Greece (it's a week away). But that email ~ there was no way that I would or could say no to that. I called at 10am and got the last spot!

And Fanciful Dream Houses it was. I had asked Dayna before if she had any mermaid images~she brought some special for me. That is how cool she is. In Artist's Way, Susan and I had talked about the movie The Mermaid Chair. The movie reminds me of me, before and after my "red jumper" days. I love that movie. And with that in mind, my Fanciful Mermaid Dream House was created.

And could the class get any better....greater than GREAT? Trickling in were two gals from yoga and my wonderful instructor Dawn (she is the one who would give me a wink at Artist Way nights to let me know all was okay). And if that wasn't enough, Dayna let me have some of her ultra cool embellishments for my family South Dakota masterpiece I am creating.

I leave there feeling wonderfully creative and high spirited, and vowing that tomorrow I will find that "pre-determined sized" suitcase and start packing. This time I really mean it, (plus I know Dayna has no more classes scheduled until the fall season).


  1. Saw Dayna's blog and was wondering which one was yours LOL - BEAUTIFUL! Love that mini-book too.

  2. It was fine you HOGGED the cutter.
    I hate to cut paper.
    I love your mermaid!

  3. Ha! What a fun surprise to see you post about the Fanciful Dream House class. I was so pleased you could come on such short notice and that you were able to give birth to a mermaid goddess to celebrate the goddess in YOU!