Monday, June 8, 2009

Glass Pendants and Traveling Buddies

Friday night and it's a great one. Lynda and I had signed up for a class she had been wanting to take "Glass Pendants" before I went to Greece. The classes are good on Friday nights, but they are GREAT when she is there. We arrived early so we could pick out our supplies for the night. I love trying new art projects and this one turned out to be one I think I will continue doing.

We talk and laugh all through class. I tell her about my Greece adventures and she tells me about her daughter Andrea's wedding. And then she reminds me that right before I left on my trip, she had sent me something in the mail. I never got it cuz it had been returned to her. She hands me the envelope. Inside is something carefully wrapped in a page out of the Wreck This Journal book.

I open it. It is an Itty Bitty of her! She had wanted to come to Greece with me in my pocket. She said she will just hold on to it until my next trip. I am not giving it up. I tell her she is going to Leola, South Dakota for the 4th of July! It's not Greece, but I know there is a story to be found there and that she will have a ball!!

The class is over and we walk to our cars. She has something for me from her Dad ~ Sonny. Sonny (my brother-in-law) is the only man I know that shares the love and appreciates Sir Tom Jones as much as me. He and I saw him perform exactly one year ago. She hands me a box and inside are wooden boxes that he has built for our art projects and creations. They are wonderful and perfect, just like he and Sir Tom. My head is swirling with more art project possibilities.

Beautiful Glass Pendants, Wooden Boxes, 1 Itty Bitty Travelin' Lynda, sharing stories and big laughs. Did I tell you I love Friday night art classes with Lynda?

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