Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When I grow up..............
Guess who is the cutest college co-ed in Portland? Yep....ME!!

Tuesday, after taking a card class with my favorite card making teacher Dawn Sorem, Mandii and I went out for lunch. Unscrewing the top off my drink, it revealed my fortune:

After reading that, I knew my months of pondering the possibility was right. That afternoon I took the placement tests and tomorrow I meet with my advisor for a degree in Gerontology. I am so excited!!!!

I don't think they use No. 2 pencils anymore, but....... I do get a new sexy backpack and a picture ID that gives me $2 off at the movies!!!!


  1. What does this mean??

  2. Sounds like you're heading back to school! Good for you!! Your clients will be lucky to have you. Very exciting to make a decision like this.

  3. Status .... boreing.

    Need updates