Sunday, July 26, 2009

Acrylic Giddiness

The last two weekends I've been able to take two GREAT art classes. I signed up for them before I had in my noodle to take accelerated Math classes for eight weeks. They have been my brief but much needed respite from math.

The first one I took was Wax Encaustic~Collage. I have never worked with wax before. It first came about in Greece, so that definitely peeked my interest. A fun class and I signed up for another (that one will be with oil paint and not collage).

The one I took today was called Affirmations & Aspirations~Collage on Canvas taught by Lorna Nakell. She currently is showing her work in The Pearl at the beppu wiarda gallery.

This class started with us writing down our vision along with our affirmations and aspirations; then matching the written statement to a concrete image, an acrylic collage. Lorna had brought her mothers' very antique typewriter. I loved how it typed with no possibilities of doing any corrections plus a very old ribbon. I decided to put my vision onto the canvas. It was a very freeing feeling to know that if I did make a mistake, there was no way to correct or fix it ~ mistakes were okay!! It is my first attempt with acrylic paint....I think I'm hooked! She is offering another class in October on abstract acrylic painting. I am very much looking forward to taking that class too.

And as I was leaving class, collage painted canvas in hand ~ I definitely had that much aspired to giddy feeling!


  1. I am giddy for you!
    Sounds fun!
    Love you

  2. Oh, such a cool looking class! It looks like you had a wonderful time . . .

  3. You probably needed that break in between your math classes and your work is beautiful!