Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Polka Dot New Beginnings ~ MOVE ON

I read a post recently which said:

"Time to make a decision:
Either repair the friendship and move on,
or end the friendship and move on.
Bottom Line: MOVE ON!"

It made me think about the things in life I tolerate or put up with, just going along with the status quo. I journal each day about their burdensome-ness, knowing that I do need to MOVE ON.

I bought a new polka dot journal today. I was never too fond of my current one.

It reminded me of knee socks. When I buy them, are they to commemorate the end of summer follies or the beginning of fall adventures? Much like those knee socks is that polka dot journal - is it the end of a journal I never did quite fancy or the beginning of a decision made to MOVE ON?

Thank you D.

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