Friday, November 6, 2009


I got the chance last night to meet up with Susan Feinstein, one of the ladies that I met in my Artist's Way Class in January. Susan just recently started her own business Perfect Pairings, as a singles relationship coach for conscious singles. She is the one person that if you needed to phone a friend on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, she'd be on your list. She is also the one who first introduced me to the "Escargot" that started this Blog. Some months back she told me about Mike Dooley and his website, where you can sign up for morning inspirational messages. Spiritual but not religious, inspirational without commitment, empowering yet caffeine-free ~ They are GREAT! I was so excited when Susan emailed me to tell me he would be speaking in Portland at The Bagdad Theatre on November 5th and would I like to go. A BIG Heck-Yeah!!!!

After talking about college and my Gerontology classes, we started to talk about various art classes and projects we had recently taken. I was amazed when I started thinking about the plethora of classes I have taken in the last couple of months.

From Bracelets & Eclectic Earrings, to Image Transfers, one of my favorite classes was taught by Bridget Benton called Matchbox Books. Mine was an accumulation of my trips this year to Greece, Leola and Fargo!

A "Working With Wax" Encaustic Class ....

...and an "Abstract Painting" class taught by Lorna Nakell which turned out to be another favorite.

Instead of stressing to complete a newly taught masterpiece in just a couple of hours, I decided mine was going to be every technique she taught that day. But the best part of the class was that I got to take it with Miss Kristi Bryan....

.... and afterwards we got to partake in some Tomato Coconut Soup, meet a comic book creator and talk to David our most favorite Greece guide!

Getting together with Susan, Art Classes and Tomato Coconut Soup with Kristi can be easily described with the one word Mike Dooley starts and ends each day with...WhooHooo!!!!

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  1. I love seeing some of the art you have created. The class with Bridget looks like it was right up your alley and Bridget is a fantastic teacher, that's for sure.