Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boo-Monkey's 1st Slumber Party!!!!

I was ecstatic when Mandii called and asked me to babysit Ava "overnight" while she went to Seattle. Would I ever say no?

She quickly settled in, loved her bath, slept right next to me and was a perfect Boo-Monkey.

She has my heart!


  1. Ava is beautiful! What a treat to get to watch her overnight (and such trust to LET you - says a lot about you and Stan).

  2. OMG she's adorable Bobbie!! I especially love that last picture - ahhhh!

  3. This beautiful baby is the BEST "art project" ever! Mandii and Jim must be very proud of their accomplishment. Ava LOVES her Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Stan, but then who doesn't?
    Thanks for sharing her with all of us!