Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You've Got A Friend

I don't think I know of anyone that has never listened to or owned the Tapestry album by Carole King.

Each song on that album has its' own special meaning and time. She was the first concert I took Kristi to. And this time I got to see it with one of my other "Fab 6".

This time she performed with James Taylor. Her performance was heart-warming and spectacular, and brought back a flood of memories.

My Miata is so old that it has a cassette player in it. And there is no better feeling than flipping the top down, slipping in "that" cassette and feeling The Earth Move Under My Feet as I drive down the highway!!!!


  1. Oh yes you do know someone who owned CK Tapestry...Lynda Kay Estes
    I not only owned it ... I was her when I sang to it.

    My first piece of music was from Uncle Stan. It was 8 track of THree Dog Night .. Lynd

  2. Ahhh, the memories inspired by their music.