Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Block Crazy

My 1st "Round The Block" block swap finished up a couple of weeks ago. I love everything about the block swap....I loved getting them in the mail every couple of weeks and opening the box to see what others had created and then getting my time away from homework to play with them.

Lynda asked me to finish up her last two sides, which of course I said YES to!

I received mine back awaiting me to art up their last sides. And then I found the perfect home for them!

Along with Stabilo Pencils, this is definitely going on my 8 Things I Loved in 2010 list. So much so, that Lynda and I have started two more rounds!!!!


  1. I am so excited to get my first arted up blocks in the mail!! I sent mine off with Destree last night who so graciously came over to get them and stayed for a nice little visit with her lovely daughter. Sorry I can't make it out to the boat tomorrow. Will miss all my creative and wonderful fellow dream monkeys! Orange...

  2. Bobbie, I love your blocks and I'm so happy that you are doing so many swaps, but I must admit, I'm a bit jealous of all of your art collaborative art activities!