Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pitter-Patter Mail Art & International Collages

Several months ago I happened to stumble upon the "Mail Art" created by Nikki Soppelsa. Every time she creates something new, pitter-patter goes my heart. My love for mail wanted to either receive or create such glorious envelopes (and then I came across her etsy shop).

About a month ago she asked if anyone would be interested in participating in a Collage Collaborative. You would start your own on a 5x7 inch board. Would I be interested? Heck yes!! I emailed her and asked if I could be in a participant, she graciously said yes. As the month went on the collaborative grew to thirteen people, all across the globe (USA, Philippines, Belgium, Ukraine, Uruguay and Canada). She set up a facebook page for the group to post their beginning collage, and for us and our friends to see their transformations. Each collage will be artfully added to by four other people and then returned to their owner for any final (if desired) additions.

I decided to keep my initial collage simple (that way there is more room for the other four's creativeness).

I sent it off to Michael this week. From the looks of his beginning collage, I know his creative addition(s) will be spectacular!! And I eagerly await the arrival of Ma.Nimfa's (from the Philippines).

Thanks to Nikki ~ 2011 is starting out to be a fabulously fun and exciting year!


  1. This is so very kind of you, Bobbie! honored, thank you!

    Also thanking you for joining The Collage Collaborative and for your enthusiasm. It is that kind of spirit and creativity that will make our group unique and a success!

  2. Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait to watch this develop!