Monday, March 21, 2011

Muddy Saturday Mornings are the Best!

Last Christmas I received the wonderful (best) gift of time with Rick and the island. This past Saturday I pulled out my sexy mud boots and headed off to the island.

I share with Rick his love of searching for arrowheads. And the love of doing the happy dance when we find one. This trip we came across a nest of Killdeer Bird eggs....

....and Rick explains to me what the Momma bird was doing flapping around 15 feet away (she wanted us to keep on walking!).

And so we did. Up and down the muddy rows. We each found two (well, actually Rick was 2.5 and I was 1.5) and a pocket full of pieces.

Heading back Rick takes a turn and pulls off the main road. He wants to pick some flowers for one of his favorite ladies who is currently in the hospital (does this "George" never cease to amaze me?).

I felt like I got "promoted" when Rick said I could now keep my arrowhead hunting knife and official arrowhead finding box.

A morning spent with "George", walking in the mud and talking about life and experiences. Sharing the thrill of the find and doing the happy dance. Two tiny bits of carved stone that bring that very much loved giddy feeling....

.... and watching him pick those flowers. He makes me want to be a better person.

Thank you Rick for a fantastic Muddy Saturday Morning!


  1. Sweet...I love holding something that has been held/fashioned/used by some unknown someone in the distant past...

  2. There are some things, I prefer not to think of who held/fashioned/used them in the past, before I hold them.

    Robert Kincaid