Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Heart Skinny Malinky

I am blessed. I know this. Earlier this year two very close friends told me that I needed to "clear my path". I know they are right, but it is sometimes very hard for me to do. They have guaranteed me if I clear out the negative that positive will fill its' place.

A couple of months ago in my first clay class were two gentlemen, Stanley and Scott. I was intrigued as to who they were but I did not ask. Soon after the end of the class I started interning at the Neighborhood House Senior Center. I was given the task of being the "leader" for the Lunch of the Month group as one of my objectives. To my delight, Stanley and Scott had signed up to go. I sat with them - they soon learned about my journey into the Gerontology Program and I learned that Scott is a very accomplished artist and Stanley is a very accomplished author and playwright (he was also the very first male kindergarten teacher in California!). Stanley wrote down the title of his first book The War Between The Pitiful Teachers And The Splendid Kids. I asked him if he would autograph the book for me when I get it. He said he would only autograph it after I had finished reading it and had given him my thoughts about it. (Very humble I think to myself).

At lunch I also learn that Scott, who previously worked for the Getty family in California, restoring their artwork and displaying his own, was having an art showing of his works at SAID Interior Design in Multnomah.

What I love about these two is that neither one is boastful about themself. But as one leaves the table, the other one is quick to tell me how greatly talented the other one is.

I make a note to myself to find Stanley's book and to attend Scott's art show.

I found the book on Amazon and quickly ordered it (I actually ordered two!). It is simply wonderful! I hold on to each chapter, not wanting to read too quickly. I do not want it to end. The main character is a kid named Skinny Malinky and my heart has become quite smitten with him. Stanley has written a trilogy, one remains to be published.

I also attended Scott's art show. I asked Ann my "boss" from Neighborhood House and Cat my "brain professor", Stan and Al if they would like to go with me. The five of us head over to SAID Interior Design....his work is wonderful and breathtaking ~ Paintings and Panels and Mirrors!

A wondrous evening with Scott, Cat and Al.....

.....Stanley and Stan!

Sometime during the evening I pull Stanley aside and bring out his book. I ask him to autograph it (even though I am only half way through it). He is as excited to autograph it as I am to have him ~ I am his fan!

A week later I receive a package in the mail from Stanley; it was not expected and I am giddy with delight. It's an autographed copy of his book of poetry!

I see Scott and Stanley at the Neighborhood House along with Gabriella (three people who carry and bring passion to everyone around them). My internship has ended but I have signed up to be a volunteer.

I have consciously been clearing my path ~ and I love knowing and having Skinny Malinky in my life nowadays!


  1. Oh Bobbie, you have written a beautiful tale of new friendships.

  2. I've loved reading every word of this wondrous friendship...and what fun to be there with you at SAID Interior Design to meet both Scott and Stanley. You are such a mindful, internally lovely person. It'll be great fun to see you and Stanley's friendship blossom!

    My favorite photo of this post is the adorable one of you and coordinated colors -- gorgeous!

  3. I love reading about these people I know. Bobbie, you have a wonderful blog. :o)