Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Margaritaville Bliss

It came in the mail ~ a wonderful package from the incredibly talented artist Catherine Mommsen.

An envelope containing such wondermous goodies, words and an exquisite box holding one of her very much coveted tiny books!

As I had written before, she and I had participated in a tiny book swap. She emailed me and asked if I wanted to swap books after the swap if we did not receive each others in the swap. Mine were tiny origami books I had recently learned how to make. Hers were out of this world fantastically fabulous. (Of course I would swap!).

She named my book Margaritaville.

Each page is lined with gold ~ each page holds words and wonderful pieces of her paper, art and designs.

Along with her book making talent, Catherine is also a wonderful pen and ink artist!

AND (not that I'm partial) she's from the Northwest with plans to come visit (how great is that?!)!! I already have in mind two fun art places I want to take her to to see when she comes to Portland ~ thank you Catherine for asking to exchange with me and for sharing your art! I am so very privileged to have one of your tiny books!


  1. It truly is a wondrous little artful book! I can see why you were excited to do an exchange.

  2. Sweetie, you can make anything look and sound good! Your enthusiasm is completely charming and endearing. I love MY little origami book. Right now I have grand kids tiny drawings in it, strung out across a bookshelf. Last week it had color swatches. It's a lovely little book .. I even like the feel of the paper. I will be in Portland and see you next summer, perhaps late June or early July. Will keep in touch!!