Sunday, September 11, 2011


Another session of clay handbuilding has ended. I never would have thought that I would love getting that slab of clay each Friday, but I do.

Part of the reason that I love this class is that I feel safe. Annette Lansing clearly teaches and shows that beautiful creations are in the eyes of the beholder ~ there is greatness even in mess-ups! And she says it's alright to steal, especially anything of hers (she takes it as a huge compliment!).

The class began with masks. One of ladies in class thought mine looked like Nicolas Cage (so know I have a drunk Cage and a sober Cage!).

My most favorite though would be my self portrait. I was excited and giddy the entire time of its coming to be. I love to hold her.

Shelby posed the question the day I brought "me" home, "Question: What is your perception of self portraiture in art? If you are an artist and you do or have done self portraiture what is your motivation/process. If you answer I will do my best to put my ideas into words as well."

I loved Destree's reply, "Self portraits to me are a way of working from the inside out. Sometimes it has been a way to sort through an issue (such as the one I did to quit smoking) or also as a way of manifesting secret desires. Visual work is easier for me to be real with, words have a tendency to choke when they are coming from deep within me."

Making "me" felt very therapeutic (especially when I had to explain to the class why she is my favorite piece that I made).

Thank you again Annette for another great session. You are a fabulous teacher and I am quite eager for Paul to slice me my next slab of clay!

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  1. Bobbie, I love seeing your clay creations. They are whimsical, but also evoke such emotion and varying interpretations.