Friday, September 9, 2011

The Pot Washer

Once upon a time there was a pot washer on 4th & Alder. I would purposely miss my bus (several times) just so we could sit and talk and laugh. He was from Roosevelt and I was from Washington. Those evenings would become the roots of a lifelong friendship. There would be moments when he would take my breath away ~ moments filled with unexpected surprises and giddiness and the most beautiful watercolor paintings I have ever seen.

There are moments when he still does.....

I love remembering those evenings with that blond haired pot washer, giggles and missed buses.... and I love that he is my forever and always friend!


  1. A pot washer? As in a dishwasher washing pots? What's this pot washer's name??

  2. rod or bill is his name,pretty sure.sort of a mystery guy.

  3. might be bob come to think of it.