Monday, January 16, 2012

She Gets Me

On Christmas morning I unwrapped my gift from Kristi. The words were brief and simple. "My gift to you is time spent with me ~ along with snacks and art!"

The date was set, but I still had no idea as to what and where I was going. She picked me up and as we drove many thoughts and guesses were racing through my head.

We arrived at a two story building and she brought out a very large picnic basket.

We were at The Loaded Brush for a night of art and wonderful snacks. The basket was filled with the best cheeses and breads, fruit and wine.

For the next two hours, Kristi and I would be guided by Aaron in painting our masterpieces of Mt. Hood along with ten other artists.

My masterpiece is complete and I am in love with it. But I have to say that I am in "bigger" love with that little girl carrying a basket full of my favorites and knowing what makes a perfect date night for me.

Thanks for always "getting" me Kristi Bryan....


  1. Wow! So jealous! What a mom! What a daughter! Sharing your journey here is fab. I like it. The painting, that is!

  2. What a great gift and how cool that you got to do the class together! Beautiful--both of you and your painting.

  3. There's a place that I travel,
    When I want to roam
    And nobody knows it but me.

    The roads don't go there,
    And the signs stay home
    And nobody knows it but me.

    It's far, far away and way, way afar,
    It's over the moon and the sea,
    And wherever you are going,
    That's wherever you are
    And nobody knows it but me.

    Love from afar,
    Robert Kincaid