Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Tea Party With Penguins

When I first retired in 2007, the very first classes I started taking at collage were card making classes among various others (yes, the infamous itty bitties taught by Dayna Collins). In those classes I was blessed to meet a lady with the most infectious laugh and love for life. Her name is Tawny and we always seem to bump into each other around town throughout the years.

One of our last bumps last year lead to an invite from her to a summer tea party at her home. (When I had bumped into her that time she asked for my address. I went to give her my email or facebook and she quickly told me that she only does snail mail....pitter pat went my cool is that?) The party's consist of a theme, a collaborative mix of foods from the guests, a craft, a white elephant exchange and of course...tea!

A couple of week ago I received a snail mail invite for another tea party for January 1st from Tawny and her friend Robin. I quickly RSVP and ask if it would be okay if I brought a friend. "Of course, we love friends!", so I called Gina to see if she would like to attend.

This party's theme was "animal", real or fictitious. I asked Gina if she would like to be a penguin with me (without our harmonica's!).

Robin's home is a collectors delight....

The food was the yummiest....

The craft was beaded bookmarks....

Tawny's costume was spectacular....

As were everyone else's....

And the white elephant coming home with me (which I secretly adore)....

Such a great afternoon, welcoming the first day of the new year, spent with 26 gorgeous funny ladies. And next summer's tea party theme is......PROM! Seven months to find that all so perfect dress ~ I am giddy with delight!


  1. Thanks for sharing Bobbie....what a FUN party!! Love the photos! Wishing you a very Happy & Healthy 2012!! xo

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  3. If you're thinkin' about being my baby, it don't matter if you're black or white.

    Robert Kincaid

  4. You do so many fun things, Bobbie, and I'm so happy you have a blog where you share some of those fun things!

  5. I love it! I am so inspired to start throwing my own tea parties;-) I followed over from Facebook (Alchemy_dee). ~ sandra