Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheeky Monkey and Where The Boys Are

I had taken on way too much Winter Term. So when the opportunity came along to visit sunny Florida during spring break with an old friend I immediately started to pack. My thoughts recalled the movie Where The Boys Are (I secretly had a crush on Jim Hutton and not George Hamilton, but my favorite part will always be the question mark in the sand).

Right before leaving I got an envelope in the mail (yes, my love of mail continues). It's from Cheeky Monkey!!!

aka Miss Lynda! And she wants to go on the trip with me. We had tried this before. The first time was to Greece, but I didn't get it in time before flying off. The second time it was to South Dakota. She got as far as the Minneapolis Airport, where she was sadly left behind. This time she is definitely making the trip!

A stop along the way in Kansas City, "MISSOURI", (no wonder Dorothy wasn't there) .....

.... and I was quickly poolside with the warm breezes blowing and the best chipotle sandwiches ever (which I ate everyday..with dunky sauce!).

A day spent at Disney World and discovering another dream home.....

..... and having a bite of a found grapefruit (that I probably shouldn't have tasted!)

A wonderful week of sunny sky and warm air, great food and chilled wine, an old friend and a brought along friend, Adventure Land and It's A Small World ~ the perfect remedy to rid all stresses and to feel re-energized! Let the Spring Term begin!!!!

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