Saturday, April 24, 2010

Double Nickles and a Trophy

My birthday! I have never understood how some people do not like their birth day. I love mine. I love presents, I love cards, I love cupcakes! I even love Dixie-Cup ice cream!

This year was another great one thanks to my wonderful friends and family!

I received a ton of chocolate in every shape and form!

Another friend took me to lunch and had "theme" presents.


"Spiritually" (for my quest of the meaning of the word).....

And "Physically".....

Stan and Kristi took me to Portofino's (it was wonderful!) for dinner. Kristi wanted her present to be the last I received (saving the best for last no doubt!). During one of our random life kitchen counter conversations, I had told her a while back that I had never received a trophy. I was in Blue Birds, was Four Square Champion and Most Courteous Student in the 4th grade. Still...nothing worthy of a trophy.

Until...... April 9, 2010 when I became a trophy recipient!!!!

"The #1 Mashed Potatoes Maker"!!!!

My heart skipped a beat when I unwrapped that present. I love when someone remembers some tiny little trivial thing that is huge in someones life. Life gets no better! I've made room for it so everyone can see it when they come over. Something even tells me that it just might make a great theme for a summer backyard cocktail party!!!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Bobbie. What great friends and family you have -- and you know, altering a trophy is quite easy and very fun . . .