Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Glass is Always Half Full with Dayna!

Earlier this year I took a class taught by Dayna Collins called Collage Up A Storm. She even named her blog post after my creation of When To Let Go.

During this class she pulls techniques out of a hat such as ink, paint, words, sand, just do as she says!

I loved this class so much that I signed up to do it again. This time I asked Gabe (a wonderful guy Kristi met in college) if he would like to join me. He enthusiastically said yes, not quite knowing what he was signing up for. He loved the process and the class!

And my second creation!

After that class, Kristi and I signed up for her
Visual Journaling Technique class. Kristi loved the class and quickly understood why I love taking Dayna's classes.

Some of Kristi's techniques....

...and mine.

This one (the black part) was made with the bottom imprint of my shoe....

The end of this class signaled the end of this years' classes being taught by Dayna. But the glass is half full because I know she will be back offering many new classes.

And along with me, she'll have two more eager and faithful fans!


  1. Wow, Bobbie, thanks for the tribute and for the many lovely photos of your art projects! I think you are my number one fan.

  2. Great art... you are so talented.