Saturday, November 6, 2010

And Away She Went

Summer has ended and so has the Playing With Blocks art swap. The ladies participating ranged from very experienced to someone that hadn't done any type of art in many years. As the weeks would pass along with the blocks being swapped, the person returning to her artfullness would send me an email about how elated she was to be doing this swap and excited for just being included. During and since the swap she has begun many new creative art projects and is eager to start another kind of swap (I'm thinking maybe books instead of blocks this time). I think I know how she was's that same feeling I had when I first started making things with Dayna Collins. Being the new kid can be a little intimidating. At the beginning she would ask what would be okay to do. I would tell her that there were no Art Block Police, just put your art on it! And away she went! I received mine back....I love them!!!! All six sides so beautiful and artistically different from the others, just like the ladies that arted them up!!

Thank you ladies for letting me have art this summer!!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing little pieces of art! And the small size make it less intimidating to create. A round of applause . . .