Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Art and Bar Code is Traveling to a City Near You!

Drum roll..........

Today in the mail I received my 2012 World Tour Sketchbook.

This is a project where you receive an empty sketch book (cover, back and insides are blank). You are given a choice of themes to pick from ~ I chose "I Remember You".

I have the remainder of the year to complete my book (drawing, painting, gluing, writing); it's to be sent back by Jan. 31st, 2012. I am quite giddy to begin, having been writing down numerous ideas for its pages since I first chose my theme.

Now for the an even better part of this project......IT'S TRAVELING to a city near you!!!! My book has its very own bar code....you can check it out, you can check me out! The tour begins in April, 2012.

It will begin in Brooklyn NY and then on to the wonderful cities of Portland, ME, Boston, MA, Toronto, ON, Chicago, IL, Vancouver, BC, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX, Melbourne, VIC, London, UK, Atlanta, GA and Philadelphia, PA. How exciting is that? (Oh how I wish I could travel with it. I do have friends in quite a few of those cities, so maybe they will pay it a visit when it comes to their hometown!). I will be done with school when the tour begins, so just maybe I will be able to visit some of those places....hmmmm...the wheels begin to turn!

The 2011 Tour has a stop in Seattle next month which I plan to see (I am thinking of taking an early morning train trip up there). Nikki's will be there awaiting a visit from me and I hope to run into Helen from the Collage Collaborative group.

I am just in love with the possibilities of this blank book and giddy with excitement for the possibilities of the new found adventures it will lead me to ~ after all.....I do have a bar code!


  1. I finally got signed up too! Can't wait to start. I got kicked out several times while trying to sign up and kept changing my mind about the theme. Hopefully they will include something to remind me what I ended up with! I think it had something to do with telling stories...
    Anyway, this will be great! Thanks for the post explaining it.
    Debbie Baier

  2. I signed up for this, too! I chose the theme: "Writing on the wall . . ." and I've already been thinking about how I want to approach this theme. I can't wait to see your sketchbook in process AND the finished work of art.