Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pixie's Mom....That's Me!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I love the reason Mother's Day began (it's not a Hallmark conceived holiday which I tend to dislike because I think they are forced upon people). It actually started in the United States by a woman named Anna Jarvis who was on a mission to raise awareness of poor health conditions in her community. I love a woman on a mission!

I absolutely love being a mom. From the first moment when the doctor confirmed I was pregnant, I was so giddy with excitement. She is the best gift I have ever received ~ there is nothing in my life that I treasure more.

I love that she is Pixie and I am Dixie.
I love that she loves Flower Drum Song as much as me.
I love our talks at the kitchen counter.
I love playing order with her.
I love when she and I have inside jokes.
I love having a secret place that we go to sit and eat and no one knows about it.
I love belly laughing to tears with her.
I love that she takes control of our trips in other countries.
I love hanging out with her.
I love when she understands my sadness.
I love when she sends me random text messages saying how great I am.
I love sharing winks between us.
I love that she is not only pretty but VERY smart.
I love that she was the catalyst for finding my mojo at age 50.
I love that she is honest to tell me when I keep doing the same things over and over.
I love that she sends me emails late at night when I am upset over something.
I love that she went with me to spend my day with Beth.
I love that she understands how I feel about my Dad.
I love that she loves children and that she is kind to the elderly.
I love that she is proud of me for getting my college degree.
I love spending the night at her house.
I love dancing to Blue Moon with her in the kitchen.
I love that she makes me feel that I did a fantastically great job of raising her.
I love that she loves my art.
I love that she is my daughter.

Thank you Pix for making me such a lucky and happy and blessed Mom ~ I love you more!


  1. i like :)...dbc

  2. So sweet, touching, and heartfelt. What a great tribute to your beautiful daughter.