Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tiny + Paper = Nothing But Goodness!

I love tiny things as much as I love paper. So when Corinne mentioned that there was a tiny book swap going on my ears perked up. I clicked on Lenna Andrews "Creativeswaps Blog". She coordinates several artsy swaps and I signed up for the tiny book one which has 60 participants from all over the world!

A while back Kristi and I needed a homework break and decided to take a leisure Sunday art class at Collage making tiny origami books. I thought these would be perfect for the exchange and so the folding began.

Since the books have empty pages to fill and corners to tuck things into, I decided to add an embellishment and a tiny bag of goodies to accompany each one.

And now they are ready to be sent on to Lenna.

I check her blog and see Corinne's tiny books that she has already sent in. Oh my! Hers are #3 on the blog and truly magnificent (as in everything she does!). I email and ask for instructions which she gladly shared. They are made with those itty bitty squares which I still have a closet full of ~ so I'm thinking.....

Sixty tiny books, for which I can only imagine their unique artfulness. And four will be coming back to me (fingers crossed for one of Corinne's!).


  1. Hi Bobbie in Aberdeen. Isn't the blogging world a magical place ... here I am in Mexico! Your books are exquisite ... so colourful and delightful to the eye and of course beautiful and lovingly made. I've enjoyed seeing them so much. You look like you are having fun. Haven't been to Scotland for many moons ... used to spend a lot of time there. Such a beautiful place to live. Hope you are making yourself a wonderful day. hugs, Donna

  2. Bobbie, these are so colorful and fun! I've got just one little book completed... must get cracking.

  3. Bobbie, these little books are just wonderful! You are so talented and creative!

  4. I love these. I'm clapping with delight (well, actually I'm typing, but inside I'm clapping with delight!).

  5. I'm in love with your little books. Love!

  6. OH Bobbie I have one of your pretty books!! I love it so much. How did you do it? Wow I am impressed. Just love the colors and the way the paper folds. Thank you!! :)