Monday, May 30, 2011

Take My Funk Away Doughnut Man

A little over a month ago I was out in my yard playing in the dirt. The sun was out for one of its first times of the year. It felt wonderful - I can't remember feeling that good in a long time. School and homework have taken precedence over digging my hands in the dirt for well over a year, in fact, I think it has taken precedence over everything in my life. While digging and pulling I realized something else. I think....I've been in a funk! Way too much focus and time on school and little else.

As a true believer in serendipity, that weekend I read about TEDx on Paul's facebook page. I sent him an email and asked what it was about and soon had tickets for Kristi and myself.

As we arrived we were given gift bags and a wide array of goodies to eat. I had my very first Sin Dog (Lord have Mercy!) and my very first Voodoo doughnut, a vegan maple bar (made with banana instead of butter)!

Mid-break we went outside to enjoy the sun rays that were trying to break through and there he was....Tres Shannon, the creator of Voodoo Doughnuts! And yes, of course I needed to talk and get my picture with him. But women, let me tell you something....that doughnut guy "knows" things, yes he does! He's very TRES-ious!

A day of true inspiration, the speakers were wonderful, delivering their powerful words and ideas on community, sustainability, the environment, simplifying your life and surrounding yourself with activities and people you are passionate about.

I've been in the dirt several times since. I think my funk...has begun to disappear!!!!

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