Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Better Than Snail Mail

Yesterday I would have said that there is nothing better than Snail Mail (well, except Caller ID), but today I can actually state that there is something better than Snail Mail..... "Surprise" Snail Mail!

Today I received a most beautiful collage created by the very talented Ardith Goodwin. Her art and blogs are always fantastic and great fun!

I first met Ardith last year while we were collaborating on collages. During that time she had surgery so I sent her a little get well care package of art goodies. And from that bag she created "Flight of the Hartung"! It immediately brought a huge smile to my being because it reminded me of my Dad.

The bird is gorgeous, her words so very heartwarming.

As I keep gazing at it I realize that there is something even better than Surprise Snail Mail ~ it's meeting this wonderfully talented and creative lady from Alabama!!

Thank you Ardith for this wonderful gift and your gift of friendship!


  1. You continue to be blessed because you continue to bless so many with your kindness and thoughtfulness. You are the definition of what we can become if only we were to extend ourselves beyond our own imagined limitations of who we are, rather than who we want to be.